Are you Ready to Rumble and hang out with a Prince?

Meeting-HarryAre you ready to rumble and hang out with a prince? In the new Tata&Squack adventure Mission Elephant you can. It is a story about  the largest animal that walks the surface of the earth, the elephant. The story begins as a rumbling sound wakes Tata and she sees a shadow moving on her veranda. Her best friend Squack, a keyring, comes back to life just in time for another adventure. Together they slide out of bed and tiptoe onto the veranda. There they meet a huge elephant. “Hi Harry, I am Tata.” With a deep rumble the elephant answers, “Hallo Tata.”  “Hello Harry, my name is Squack. Your name reminds me of a prince.” “The herd I belong to is the Royal family,” says Harry. “So you are a prince,” I hear Squack say. “Are your parents king and queen of the savannah?” We giggle. Squack and I exchange a knowing glance. “Little prince, we would love to hang out with you in your kingdom…”.

Curious? Flip through the book on our Flip Pages. More information about Tata&Squack Mission Elephant on our website.

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