Tata&Squack and the funny parade of baboons

Baboon-HillAfter a lazy afternoon, Tata&Squack are allowed to ride on the back of Noor, the matriarch of the royal family. They are impressed by her skills. She guides the elephants carefully over the plains in search of water and food. Near the hills baboons of all sizes suddenly appear. The males are large and impressive, most of the females have babies clinging to their bellies or sitting on their backs. “Where are they heading, Noor?” Tata asks. “Do you see the rocks, high on the hill?” says Noor. “The baboons spend the night up there. At the end of the day it is a warm sunny place to sit and not many predators are able to attack them up there.” They see a string of baboons, big and small, zigzagging up the hill. What a funny parade.

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