The rain has come in Samburu


It was great to be in the Samburu National Reserve again, where we researched Tata&Squack Mission Elephant in 2012. Back then it was the end of the dry season. The park was dry and the elephants came down to the river every day to drink and to refresh themselves. The change of scenery is amazing. The rains are slowly turning the landscape into a green meadow. The elephants enjoy the lush vegetation and the wet texture of the soil. The little ones seem to have the time of their lives. No cares, no worries, just like little kids playing in the mud. Soon the elephant will celebrate their feast of plenty on the river. The families will socialize. Must Bulls will move in to mate with receptive ladies. Elephant calves will be born in the safe haven of Samburu National Reserve, where they are protected and researched.

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