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Need to get my fingers dirty

Most of the time I am glued to my computer. Sometimes I need to get my fingers dirty. That’s why I look forward to the days when I can go to Irene Velthuis. She runs a painting school in Ottensen, a trendy part of Hamburg. I know her from the days when she helped me to develop my portfolio for Art School. Now I call her my “creative conscience”, because critical questions, unsolicited good advice and inspiration are things my computer will not give me. A computer is still a machine. I love it as a tool, but it will only do, what you tell it to do. For my illustrations I mix photos with drawings and collages. Finding the right balance is a challenge. Currently I am working on the patterns for the next Phanhabs book. I love this part of the process, go with the flow, don’t think, just scrap, glue, draw and get dirty fingers…

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