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Work in progress on Phanhabs Jungle book

BabyGorillaWe have just returned from a trip to Tanzania and Rwanda, watching primates. The hikes were sometimes long and itchy, because of the vegetation, but we took some amazing pictures of jungle landscapes with chimpanzees, gorillas, and a lot of other animals. It will be a lot harder to fill the pages of this Phanhabs book, because the jungle hides it’s inhabitants well. The tracks and the sounds tell you that the animals are there, but taking pictures takes a lot of luck, patience and hard work. The gorilla baby on the picture lives on a jungle slope at 2.700 m. To get there was quite an expedition. On the way there we were lucky to see a small family of bush elephants, a very rare sighting. I am glad Squack Evans is allowing us to use his pictures for this book, because as a guide he has more photo opportunities than we have on our holidays. So, for the coming years it will be work in progress on the Phanhabs jungle book…

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