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Elusive wild dogs in Laikipia

We had a great time in the bush camp of Steve and Annabelle, Laikipia Wilderness Camp. We loved the bushy feel, the lovely staff, the great food, the beautiful setting, the wildlife and the dogs! Not only the wild dogs, but also Buster, the bush dog. Buster is an adventures, sweet, little dog, who gives the camp a homely feel. As a pup he used to challenge leopards, but now he prefers to stay on the lookout and hops into the vehicle for the occasional safari. The wild dogs are a specialty in this area. The local packs seem to do very well and currently they are denning. Although some of them are collared it still takes a lot of experience to follow them around. Steve is a real expert in that field. He knows the terrain very well and seems to be able to predict where the dogs will appear during their hunting sprees. Seeing the elusive wild  dogs in action is very impressive, their teamwork, the social interaction even the sounds they make.

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Food runs from the wild dog

Wild dogs are amazing animals, very social and real team players. They care for each other when wounded, something not many predators do. Last year in Mombo, we met the famous alpha-female who teamed up with jackals, after her pack was killed by competitors.  They are also fierce hunters. The first time we saw them was fifteen years ago in Savuti, Botswana. A pack of thirteen dogs managed to hunt, kill and eat an impala within ten minutes. When I made the illustrations for Phanhabs, I was reluctant to put wild dogs into the scene. The concept of Phanhabs demands many animals in one picture, but with wild dogs this is not very realistic. When looking for the dogs on a safari, it is often a good sign that they are around, when the area is devoid of other animals. Especially small antelopes do not take chances. With lions they might risk a group-staring-contest, but food runs from the wild dog…

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